Since 2010 the Centre has been provided with a new tool which allows a more effective promotion action. Not only information, not only communication, but also reinforcement of contacts and building of an international network through which it is possible to foster the cultural debate, to exchange experiences gained in the scientific field, to vehicle the results of the research, to identify new education models.

This represents a new challenge that the Centre of Ravello launched with the same conviction and enthusiasm which have characterized its long-lasting commitment to the service of research, education, preservation and valorization of cultural heritage.


Journal Organizational Chart

President: Alfonso Andria

Managing Director: Pietro Graziani

Head Editor: Roberto Vicerè

External Relations Managers: Salvatore Claudio La Rocca


Editorial board:

Responsible for the sector "Knowledge of cultural heritage": Jean-Paul Morel

Responsible for the sector "Culture as development factor": Francesco Caruso

Responsible for the sector "Tools and methods of cultural heritage": Dieter Richter




Editorial staff:

Eugenia Apicella,Secretary General

Monica Valiante

Velia Di Riso

Rosa Malangone


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