Garden History
Garden Plants, Species Forms and varieties from Pompei to 1800

a cura di: J. H. Dickson, P. M. Jørgensen, D. Moe

PACT Belgium 1994

Ravello, June 1991
Ed. D. Moe, J. H. Dickson and P. M. Jørgensen
199 pp., ill.

⇒ The Gardens of Pompeii (A. Ciarallo)
⇒ Archaeological Evidence for Plants in Ancient Vesuvian Gardens (W. F. Jashemski)
⇒ Evidence of Food Plants of Ancient Pompeii and other Vesuvian Sites (F. G. Meyer)
⇒ Archaeolpalynological Thoughts on Vicia faba Type Pollen from Ancient Mendes (Tel El Roba Area, Egypt) (S. Ayyad and K. Krzywinski)
⇒ The Greek Herbal of Dioscurides Illustrated by a Byzantine A.D. 512 (D. Moe)
⇒ The Plants used in a Viking Age Garden A.D. 800-1050 (M. Eggen)
⇒ Macroscopic Fossils of Garden Plants from British Roman and Medieval Deposits (C. Dickson)
⇒ Baldassarre Peruzzi and the Garden Design of the Renaissance (A. Tagliolini)
⇒ Researches on the Induced Modifications in the Vegetation of Historical Gardens: Villa Demidoff at Pratolino and the Vegetation of the Appenine Area  (P. Batistoni, P. V. Bessi, P. Grossoni abd S. Schiff)
⇒ Plants and Gardens in the 16th Century (M. Szafranska)
⇒ The Dried Plant Collection Made by the Scottish Student John Snodgrass at Leiden in 1678 (J. H. Dickson)
⇒ Useful Plants in Clusius' Garden (1594): Fruit, Vegetables and Ornamentals (L. T. S. Fat)
⇒ The Oldest Danish Book about Gardening (J. Abel)
⇒ Centaurea cyanus in Urban Cultural Layers in Southern Finland (I. Vuorela)
⇒ Vegetables and Vegetal Garden in North-West Europe. Their History as Shown by 15th to 18th Century Paintings (A. C. Zeven)
⇒ Damsgard Garden, the Plants Used in a Restored and Reconstructed Baroque Garden from 1780 (P. M. Jorgensen and D. Moe) 
⇒ The History of Plant Cultivation in the Botanic Garden of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow (Poland) in the Years 1783-1800 (A. Zemanek)
⇒ Living Garden Plants Used in Research into Ancient Gardens as Demontrated by Box (Buxus sempervirens) and Elm (Ulmus glabra) (D. Moe)
⇒ Purposes and Manners of Representation of Plants in the European Art of the 13th-17th Century (E. Pacini)
⇒ La statue de Vénus dans le vieux jardin. Quelques considérations sur "la Statue de marbre" de Joseph von Eichendorff et d'autres textes romantiques (E. Leonardy)
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