Partners meeting "ECHOE - Education for Heritage, Outdoor Education"

Bucharest, 13th - 14th of December 2010

Nel quadro di GRUNDTVIG-LLP



Monday, 13th of December

9:30      Opening and presentation of ECHOE project – Adina Dragu

10:00    Partners presentation – all partners are asked to present their organisation and their experience on the subject of adult education and in particular on the project thematic, each partner will have 15 minutes.


11:45    Project scope, target groups and outputs


14:30    Work packages, roles and tasks distribution between partners


16: 15   WP2 - Research of training needs –lead partner: P1

            Research plan and methodology


Tuesday, 14th of December

9:30      WP1 – project management - Contractual aspects in the partnership

            WP1 – project management - Financial management and reporting

            WP6 – quality plan and WP7 – Promotion of ECHOE – lead partners to present their approach on the development of these wps


16: 15 Calendar for the first year