Seminario Strategia di sviluppo culturale per il nord e il sud del Mediterraneo: cooperazione per un Itinerario Culturale
Ravello | 27 maggio 2023 | in collaborazione con ISC ‘CIIC-Cultural Routes’, UNIVEUR e Comitato Italiano ICOMOS | nel quadro di Scientific Meeting and Symposium Cultural Routes as a Resource for Dialogue with Land, Environment and Communities (Florence, Ravello-Salerno / Italy, May 25, 26, 27, 2023)


Alfonso ANDRIA President Centro Universitario Europeo per i Beni Culturali (CUEBC)
Cecilia CALDERÓN-PUENTE President of the International Scientific Committee on Cultural Routes (CIIC) of ICOMOS
Maurizio DI STEFANO President of ICOMOS Italy

Theme 3. Cultural Development Strategy for the North and South of the Mediterranean: Cooperation for a Cultural Route
Chair: Francesco CARUSO, Former Ambassador of Italy of UNESCO

a. Mediterranean identities and Cultural Heritage
Mounir BOUCHENAKI (Algeria): Cultural Development Strategy for the North and South of the Mediterranean
Jamal Eddine EL-HANI (Morocco): The Mediterranean as a space for dialogue and living together between North and South
Rosa Anna GENOVESE (Italy)Mediterranean Cultural Route in Southern Italy: The Roads of Wine and Oil in the context of Architectural, Archeological and Urban Heritage

b. Education and training: architecture and the environment 
Begoña BERNAL SANTA OLALLA (Spain): Studying the cultural pre-existences of the past reality to understand the lived reality. Proposal for a Cultural Route of the Mediterranean peoples

c. Mediterranean Cultural Routes and Sustainable Tourism 
Eman ASSI (Palestina): Cultural Routes and Sustainable Tourism: World Heritage Sites along the Nabatean Trade
Routes in Middle East

Conclusions of the Symposium

Statutory Assembly of The International Scientific Committee on Cultural Routes (CIIC) of ICOMOS 
Visit to Villa Rufolo and Ravello (Salerno), Site of the Amalfi Coast inscribed onto the UNESCO WHL