Corso La pietra e il vetro

Ravello, 30 Ottobre - 4 Novembre  2000

Cultural Heritage preservation is of great concern in Europe because of the enormous number of European cultural assets and because of the increasing challenges caused to environment by pollution and megapoles development coming from overpopulation and mass tourism. A correct Cultural Heritage preservation and a correct treatment of its problems must be established on the basis of an accurate knowledge of the environment pollution and of the nature of materials constituting the monuments. It is only on this scientific basis that it is possible to plan the technical aspects of restoration and to reduce the risks for the monuments in terms of durability of restored materials and in terms of intervention costs.


Aims of the Course

The main purposes of the European Doctoral Course "Sciences and Materials of the Cultural Heritage" are:

  • To disseminate among European young scientists and graduate students the up-to-date knowledge concerning the sciences and technologies applied to monuments protection,
  • To stimulate a scientific and technological approach to the European Cultural Heritage with respect to its specific message which is humanistic, aesthetic, and historic,
  • To create an opportunity to establish contacts between European leading scientists and the young generation of graduate students, in order to transfer their experience.


List of the permanent lecturers:

Pr. R. Lefèvre, Director of the Course, LISA, University Paris-XII, Créteil, France

Pr. D. Camuffo, Co-Director of the Course, CNR-ICTIMA, Padova, Italy

Dr. P. Ausset, LISA, University Paris-XII, Créteil, France

Dr. A. Chabas, LISA, University Paris-XII, Créteil, France

Pr. M. Del Monte, Dipartimento di Scienze Geologiche e Geo-ambientali,University of Bologna, Italy

Pr. G. Libourel, Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine, Nancy,France

Dr. J.-D. Mertz, Laboratoire de Recherche des Monuments Historiques,Champs-sur-Marne, France

Dr. H. Roemich, Fraunhofer Institut für Silicatforschung, Bronnbach,Germany

Pr. K. Sterflinger, University of Agricultural Sciences, Vienna, Austria

Dr. Marco Verità, Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro, Murano, Italy



1.   European Doctoral Course 2000: Sciences and Materials of the Cultural Heritage

Ravello: October 30th to November 1st, 2000


Monday, October 30th

The Stone Material in the Cultural Heritage

1-    Introduction. Minerals, rocks and stones: main processes of weathering                                    R. Lefèvre

2-    Properties of porous media and transfer of fluids in stone materials                                           J.-D. Mertz

3-    Atmospheric components: dry (gases, particles) and wet (rain, fog)                                             R. Lefèvre


Tuesday, October 31st

4-    Weathering of stone by atmospheric pollution                                                                                 R. Lefèvre

5-    Weathering of stone by marine aerosols                                                                                            A. Chabas

6-    Water raising and salts crystallisation in the walls                                                                            A. Chabas

7-    Sampling and analytical methods applied to atmospheric aerosols and materials                      P. Ausset

8-    In the field and in the laboratory simulating experiences of stone weathering                           R. Lefèvre


Wednesday, November 1st

The Glass Material in the Cultural Heritage

1-    Structure, composition and properties of the glass and stained-glass windows                            M. Verità

2-    Soiling and weathering of glass and stained-glass windows                                                           G. Libourel

3-    In the field and in the laboratory simulating experiences of glass weathering                         H. Roemich


2    The News of Ravello 2000 on Sciences and Materials of the Cultural Heritage

      Ravello, November 2nd to 4th, 2000

Thursday, November 2nd

1-    Introduction to the News of Ravello                                                                                                   R. Lefèvre

2-    Presentation of the new book Microclimate for Cultural Heritage                                             D. Camuffo

3-    New developments in biodeterioration of stone and glass                                                          K. Sterflinger


Friday, November 3rd

4-    Tracors of past air pollution in Arles and Paris                                                                                     P.Ausset

5-    Past and contemporary air pollution and stone weathering in Bologna and Rome             M. Del Monte

6-    Weathering of marbles and granites in the archaeological site of Delos (Cyclades)                  A. Chabas

7-    Weathering of the "tuffeau" of the Tours Cathedral: black and white slabs and crusts           R. Lefèvre

8-    Conclusion of the2000’s News of Ravello: International Research Programs,

International Journals, International Congresses                                               R. Lefèvre and D. Camuffo


Saturday, November 4th

Field trip: The archaeological site of Pompeii