The Monumental Heritage of Ravello, 4th Practical School Ravello

Ravello, October 3-9 October 2005



Theoretical introduction:

- Environmental weathering processes of stone, cement, concrete, mortar and rendering

- Biodegradation and Biocolonization

- Microclimatology for Cultural Heritage and methodology of study of workshop-sites

- Salts in the walls

- Mapping of walls weathering: methodology


Practical part: 

- Layout of each site: Villa Rufolo, Cathedral Museum, San Giovanni del Toro Church, Annunziata Chapels…

- Reading the walls to be mapped: photo numerical and freehand drawing;

 -Characterization and mapping of materials (stones, mortars, renderings paintings, glass…) and of their weathering (losses and material deterioration, saline crystallizations, biological colonization, widespread water resurfacing…);

- Simple tests of identification of materials weathering (chemical, microscopic…) 

- Mapping of microclimatic parameters ( it is necessary for each team to have at least one lap-top);

- Stating assumptions on the history of the wall and its deterioration, and on the causes of deterioration;

- Stating recommendations to make up for deterioration remediation;

- Report writing and verbal communication (PowerPoint).

Visit of Pompeii archaeological site.