Theoretical course and Practical school "The Amalfi Coast and the Archaeological Site of Paestum

Ravello - Paestum, 16-20 October 2006


In cooperation with the University Paris XII, with which the Centre signed an agreement for joint training activity and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines and Université Jean Monet, Saint-Etienne.

The course is organised in the framework and with the co-operation of the Masters “Métiers du Patrimoine” (Saint Etienne) and “Matériaux du Patrimoine bâti et culturel dans l’Environnement” (Paris). The course was attended by 7 students from the Master "Matériaux du Patrimoine bati et culturel dans l'environnement", Universités Paris VII-XII, 21 students from the Master "Métiers du Patrimoine" Université de Saint-Etienne, 4 postgraduate studens from Italian Universities, 1 from Ljubljana University and 1 from the National Technical University of Athens.


16 October 2006:

The Cultural Heritage of the Amalfi Coast(G. Villani) - Management of Cultural Heritage (L. Solima) - Local sustainable development. (S. Baia Curioni)


17 October 2006:

Degradation of stone (R. Lefevre) - Degradation of mortar and rendering (E. Bilal) -Degradation of glass (T. Lombardo) - Indoor and outdoor microclimate for Cultural Heritage (D. Camuffo)


18-19 October 2006:

Biodegradation of stone, mortar and wall-painting (C. Urzì) - Case studies in Ravello and Amalfi Coast: Villa Rufolo, Santissima Annunziata Chapels, Cathedral Museum, San Giovanni del Toro Church.



20 October 2006:

The Greek archaeological site of Paestum: History and Architecture (G. Tocco) - Restoration of the stones of the Temples in Paestum (P. Coghi) - Conservation and restauration of the painted tombs (F. Ferrucci) -In the field study of the archaeological site and national museum of Paestum (G. Tocco, P. Coghi)


List of the lecturers (n. 14)

E. Bilal (ENSM, Saint Etienne)  - S. Baia CURIONI (Università Bocconi, Milano) - D. CAMUFFO (CNR-ISAC, Padua) - P. CASTAGNETTI (Université Jean Monet, Saint-Etienne) - A. CHABAS (Université Paris XII) - P. COGHI (Restorer, Roma) - M. DEPEYRE (Université Jean Monet, Saint-Etienne) - F. FERRUCCI (Restorer, Roma) - G. GAY (Université Jean Monet, Saint-Etienne) - R.-A. LEFEVRE (CUEBC) - T. Lombardo (Université Paris XII) - L. SOLIMA (Seconda Università di Napoli, Dipartimento di Strategie Aziendali e Metodologie Quantitative - G. TOCCO (Superintendence on Archaeological Heritage, Salerno) - C. URZI (Università di Messina) - G. VILLANI (Soprintendenza BAPPSAE di Salerno e Avellino).