13th Intensive Course Local seismic cultures and earthquake vulnerability reduction in traditional masonry buildings

Ravello, 14 - 21 Ottobre 2003


Presentation of the Course / Presentation of the EUROMED Pilot Project on Civil Protection (F. Ferrigni) (F. Ferrucci) / The seismic risk mitigation and prevention: conceptual framework (O. D. Cardona) / Reducing Seismic Vulnerability by exploiting Local Seismic Cultures (LSC): introduction and concepts (F. Ferrigni) / Earthquake essentials: ground deformation, source trigger and propagation of seismic waves (F. Ferrucci)  / From stone to rules: potentialities and problems of the eco-historical analysis of built-up environment(P. Pierotti)  / Historical seismology for an understanding of earthquakes: the long memory of the inhabited world (E. Guidoboni)  / Seismic vulnerability of ancient buildings: the contribution of spaceborne Remote-Sensing (F. Ferrucci)  / Detection and interpretion of micro and Macro signs of danger: the Geologists’ contribution (A. Mauro)  / The evaluation of ancient building vulnerability before and after an earthquake: methodology comparison-Automated Neural Networks and vulnerability evaluation (L. Carreño)  / Fast seismic damage evaluation by the Italian National Seismic Service / Liability and limits for seismic engineers of seismic parameters forecasting (G. Luongo)  / Protecting buildings from seismic stress: different approaches in time and space (S. D’Agostino)  / Tuff walls in Naples, before and after large earthquakes: the technologists’ contribution (M. Fumo)  / Urban wefts and seismic vulnerability: the Town Planners’ contribution (F. Ferrigni)  / Seismic-proof features of traditional building techniques in Egypt / Culture sismiche locali in Garfagnana e Lunigiana (D. Ulivieri) /Earthquake prone rural communities in India and Nepal (R. Jigyasu)  /  Techniques parasismiques traditionnelles en Algerire (A. Foufa)  / Alliances against earthquakes: mixed structures in China, Japan, Alsace, Savoy, Balkans, Turkey, Italy (F. Ferrigni)  / Pushing structures in seismic regions: the support of Seismic Engineers (A. Barbat)  / Traditional aseismic techniques in Latin America (O. D. Cardona)  / Round table on Risk, Culture Development: Three words, a project?  / Examples of ancient anti-seismic criteria: field trip to Amalfi (part I)  / Archaeological interpretation of ancient buildings (R. Parenti)  / Operational procedures to recognize the traditional a-seismic techniques and to encourage the rediscovering of LSC (F. Ferrigni)  / Discussion and preparation of the following day practice / Examples of traditional strengthening techniques: field trip to Amalfi (part II)  / Exercise on documentation drafting / Presentation of the practice results (groups)  / Discussion and Conclusions: Application of the techniques dealt with to the building patrimony in Mediterranean Countries.