Scientific examination of easel paintings
Edited by
Roger van Schoute and Hélène Verougstraete-Marcq
Pact 13, 1986
⇒Painting technique: Supports and frames (Hélène Verougstraete-Marcq and Roger Van Schoute)
Painting technique: Priming, coloured paint film and varnish (Ségolène Bergeon)
Conservation of paintings (Manfred Koller)
Reproduction of paintings. Photography (Thérèse Poilvache-Lambert and Maurits Smeyers)
Ultraviolet radiation fluorescence of paint and varnish layers (E. René De La Rie)
Examination by infrared radiation (J.R.J. Van Asperen De Boer)
Radiography (Roger Van Schoute and Hélène Verougstraete-Marcq)
Cross-sections (Maria del Carmen Garrido and José Maria Cabrera)
Analysis of supports, grounds and pigments (Franz Mairinger and Manfred Schreiner)
Analysis of paint media, varnishes and adhesives (Liliane Masschelein-Kleiner)
Age determinations based on radioactive phenomena (Désiré Apers)
Age determinations based on dendrochronology (Peter Klein)