Historically, transformation of cultural landscapes, including traditional agricultural land, have been subject to natural disasters throughout the centuries. Lessons learnt through generations were built on local know-how, setting the basis for preventative actions as well as conditions for mitigation in order to protect cultural landscape against local natural disasters.

On the basis of the such findings, the European University Centre for Cultural heritage, with the support of the EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement, is organising an

International Conference on

•Define the principles, criteria and methods which make it possible to reduce the impact of natural disasters by promoting and substantially improving traditional land development, construction and farming, and consistent conduct based on these criteria.
•Provide recommendations on the role of multi-sectoral / integrated approach in the governance of commons, and framework for cooperation and inclusive policies.
•Identify stumbling blocks and possible solutions in order to ensure that traditional agriculture in cultural landscapes is an activity which plays a crucial role in safeguarding landscapes and preventing natural disasters.
•Define the possible role of the media in publicising communities’ knowledge regarding local risks before a disaster occurs and raising the profile of policy-makers’ responses aimed at eliminating or reducing the risks.
•Initiate pilot actions and experimental activities, through a network, which will enable the transfer of experiences and also to carry out comparative tests of techniques and methods.
The conference will be held (in Italian and English with simultaneous interpretation) at the European University Centre for Cultural Heritage (CUEBC) in Ravello, Italy, for 2 days: on September 28 (by invitation only) and on September 29 (open to the public) =>> Download the programme