Culture and Creativity, from Urban Policies to Local Valorisation in the Euro-Mediterranean region

Ravello, 23-25 October 2014 


Culture is an exceptional driver of development, nourishing social cohesion with ample incentives and favouring economic growth. That is why Europe has for years been firmly committed to supporting the need for a culturally-based development for intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth in both town and country, support that is now expressed by the EU 2020 Strategy, the European Agenda for Culture, Creative Europe and Horizon2020. The Ravello Symposium works in this framework, where it aims to develop new models of governance, valorisation and management for the cultural heritage and creative industries, also for the purpose of encouraging the development of new enterprises and new employment, especially for young people.
Now in its ninth edition, the Ravello Lab this year opens its doors to the Euro-Mediterranean area, hosting the European ARCHEOMEDSITES project, funded by the ENPI CBC Mediterranean Basin. The aim here is to build a network of institutions and exchange good practices to safeguard and enhance the value of archaeological sites located in urban contexts on both shores of the Mediterranean.
Attracting an interdisciplinary group of panellists attending by invitation only, the 2014 edition of the Ravello Symposium will divide to focus on three areas of work:
• Cultural co-operation and Euro-Mediterranean territorial planning
• The cultural heritage at the core of development in town and country
• Place-shaping and designing creative ecosystems to make territories competitive