The Centre celebrates its first 30 years of activity

Saturday morning on the 20th of April, after the holy Mass, in memory of some dead members of the bodies of the Centre – celebrated by Father Giulio Cipollone, Professor at Gregoriana University of Rome, by Mons. José Manuel Del Rio, Under Secretary at Pontificio Consiglio della Cultura and by Father Francesco Capobianco, Director of San Francesco Library – a simple celebration occurred to underline the thirty-year recurrence.


It has been animated by some of the creators and protagonists of a nice event which tells how in the South of Italy it is possible to launch emblematic realities and to assert their prestige and their reliability at international level.

Paolo Vuilleumier, Mayor of Ravello; Mario Valiante, Founder member ; Alfonso Zardi, Head of Democratic Governance and Institutions Department of the Council of Europe; Jean-Pierre Massué, Founder Member; Licia Vlad Borrelli, Member of the Scientific Committee, Jean-Paul Morel, Vice President; Salvatore Claudio La Rocca, Responsible for External Relations; Claude Albore Livadie, Member of the Scientific Committee; Ferruccio Ferrigni, Coordinator of Activities; Marie-Paule Roudil, Counselor of the governing body; Secondo Amalfitano, representing Fondazione Ravello, underlined in different ways -  gaining from a past rich of realizations, but also analyzing the most recent commitments and the actual job – the richness of fully grown competences and the plurality of achieved objectives.


Closing the turn of speeches, President Andria, stated: "Our hope – in a country which, particularly in the last years, has been characterized negatively for cuts at Culture, of which the Centre and many other cultural bodies have been victims – is that, despite the extraordinary difficulty of the present time, it will be possible to build a stable and encouraging prospective for the future".