Cultural heritage facing climate change: experiences and ideas for resilience and adaptation
- 2018

Edited by
Roger-Alexandre Lefèvre and Cristina Sabbioni

Table of contents

E. Fernandez-Galiano, R.-A. Lefèvre, C. Sabbioni

A. Bonazza
Cultural Heritage in the Italian Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change

R.-A. Lefèvre
Le Patrimoine Culturel dans le Plan National Français d’Adaptation au Changement Climatique

P. Brimblecombe
Policy Relevance of Small Changes in Climate with Large Impacts on Heritage

A. Gómez Bolea & J. C. Peña Rabadán
Bioprotection of Stone Monuments under Warmer Atmosphere

J. Leissner, R. Kilian, F. Antretter, Z. Huijbregts, H. Schellen & J. Van Schijndel
Climate Change Modelling and whole Building Simulation as a Tool for Assessing Indoor Climates in Buildings

T. Mikkonen
Cultural Environment as a Resource in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Ł. Bratasz
Towards Sustainable Climate Control in Museums. Global Climate Change, Risk and Energy consumption

S. de Courtois, D. Mirallié & J.-M. Sainsard
Le Jardinier et le Projet, pour une Adaptation aux Changements Climatiques

E. Korka
Natural Disasters and Risks in World Heritage Monuments of Greece. Lessons Learnt

D. Camuffo, F. Beccherini & A. Della Valle
Climate Related Challenges for Venice: Lessons from the Past, Solutions for the Future?

C. Daly
Informing Heritage Policy in an Uncertain Climate. Reflections from Ireland

F. Neto &S. Pereira
Listening to the STORM: Preliminary Survey to Identify Needs in Risk Management Policies for Cultural Heritage Endangered by Natural Hazards

P. Bianconi
Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage and Global Change: Strategies and Activities Plan

E. Rossoni-Notter, O. Notter, É. Gilli, P. Simon, S. Simone & E. Pons-Branchu
Patrimoine Culturel et Changement Climatique au Travers des Recherches Paléolithiques: l’Exemple de la Région Liguro-Provençale

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