Cultural Heritage from Pollution to Climate Change

Edited by
Roger-Alexandre Lefèvre and Cristina Sabbioni

Table of contents

Alfonso Andria

Roger-Alexandre Lefèvre, Cristina Sabbioni

Cristina Sabbioni
The Impact of Climate Change on Built Heritage: the EU-Project Noah’s Ark

Roger-Alexandre Lefèvre
The Impact of Changing Climate and Pollution on Slow Degradation of Monuments

Alessandra Bonazza, Peter Brimblecombe
Climate and the Changing Appearance of Building

Beatriz Menéndez
Salt Climatology applied to Built Cultural Heritage

Dario Camuffo, Chiara Bertolin
Climate Change and Indoor Environments

Adriana Bernardi
Indoor Climate and Energy Requirements in Historical Buildings

Michel Menu
Climate Change and Painting Preservation

Peter Brimblecombe
Visitor Responses and Climate Change

Caroline Brimblecombe
Managing Complex Projects

Rémy Prud’homme
World Heritage Listing and Economic Development

Miloš Drdácký
Adaptation Strategies for Built Cultural Heritage

JoAnn Cassar
Climate Change and Archaeological Sites: Adaptation Strategies

Roger-Alexandre Lefèvre
The Adaptation of Cultural Heritage to Climate Change:
Propositions for a French National Plan