The Materials of Cultural Heritage in their Environment

edited by Roger-Alexandre Lefèvre

- Préface (R.Lefèvre)
- Villa Rufolo, an historical lecture of a monument (F. Widemann)
- What is behind Relative Humidity? Why it is so a relevant variable in the conservation of Cultural Heritage (D. Camuffo)
- Degradation of stone in polluted atmosphere (R.Lefèvre)
- Deterioration and preservation of archaeological remains affected by soluble salts and other factors in Upper Egypt (A. Arnold)
- Mapping in building conservation (V. Vergès-Belmin)
- Trends of Pollution and deterioration of heritage materials (V. Kucera)
- Mortars for historic masonries (P. Bromblet)
- Cements and concretes. Nature, properties and decays (E. Marie-Victoire)
- Analytical methods to study atmospheric pollutants and weathering of materials of Cultural Heritage (P. Ausset , T. Lombardo)
- Modern and ancient glass: nature, composition and deterioration mechanisms (M. Verità)
- Modern silica-soda-lime glass in polluted atmosphere (A. Chabas)
- The role of stained glass windows in architecture, techniques and history (I. Pallot-Frossard)
- Biodeterioration and practice of restoration (K. Sterflinger, H. Sert)
- Fungi in the biodeterioration of Cultural Heritage (F. De Leo, C. Urzi)