Climate change and cultural heritage
Proceedings of the Ravello International Workshop, 14-16 May 2009
Strasbourg European Master-Doctorate Course, 7-11 September 2009
Edited by
Roger-Alexandre Lefèvre and Cristina Sabbioni


Eladio Fernandez
Roger Léfevre, Cristina Sabbioni
Recommendation on Vulnerability of Cultural Heritage to Climate Change
Recommandation sur la Vulnérabilité du patrimoine culturel au changement climatique
Workshop “Climate Change and Cultural Heritage”
Ravello, 14-16 April 2009
Peter Brimblecombe
Functional Descriptions of Damage to Heritage
Peter Brimblecombe
Monitoring the future
Fabio Trincardi
Impact of sea-level rise on coastal heritage
Terje Grontoft
How can we monitor the impact of Climate change on cultural heritage?
May Cassar
Research needs of collections in a changing climate
Manfred Schreiner
Corrosion (Weathering) of Glass and Enamels
Milos Drdacky
Climate change related problems of historic buildings and sites
Susan Barr
Knowledge and gaps on vulnerability of monuments and sites to climate change
Antonio Gomez-Bolea
Biodeterioration of building stones and climate change. Can we predict changes in biodeterioration?
Elisabetta Giani
Environment and preventive conservation: three projects in Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione e
il Restauro (ISCR)
Dario Camuffo
Heating historic buildings: how to manage microclimate disturbance, artwork preservation, comfort,
energy efficiency, climate change?
Giovanni Boccardi
Climate Change and World Heritage: Policies and Opportunities for Cooperation
Minna Pesu
Climate Change and the Cultural Environment - Finish and Nordic aspects
Max Schvoerer
Strategies of adaptation of ancient societies to climatic crises in Sahara for 10000 years
Giulia Caneva
Climatic changes: effects on biogenic weathering pattern and cultural landscape
Beatrice Kelly
Climate change heritage and tourism: implications for Ireland’s coast and inland waterways
Beatriz Menendez
Stone weathering predictions based on climate change models in North-West France
Carolina Collaro
Sustainable Development and Cultural Heritage Preservation: a possible approach in a planning study
history in Campania Region
Course “Vulnerability of Cultural Heritage to Climate Change”
Strasbourg, 7-11 September 2009
R.-A. Lefèvre
An introduction to the Course “Vulnerability of Cultural Heritage to Climate Change”
Cristina Sabbioni, Alessandra Bonazza
How mapping climate change for Cultural Heritage? The Noah’s Ark Project
May Cassar
Principles of Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change
Peter Brimblecombe
Heritage Climatology
Peter Brimblecombe
Functional Descriptions of Damage to Heritage
Peter Brimblecombe
Monitoring the future
J. Tidblad
Dose-Response and Damage Functions for Materials in a Changing Climate
Anda Ionescu
Dose-Response Function for the soiling of modern glass in a changing climate
Michael Melcher, Manfred Schreiner
Impact of Climate Change on Medieval Stained Glass
R.-A. Lefèvre, A. Ionescu
The Stock of materials at risk of climate change in the façades of three cities inscribed on the UNESCO
list: Paris, Venice and Rome
Dario Camuffo
The Climate Change at the European and Global scale over the last Millennium:
methodologies and results
Terje Grontoft
Windborne sea salt aerosol fluxes and deposition inland from ocean shorelines – measurements and
modelling of climate change effects
Milos Drdacky
Impact of Climate Change on building structures
May Cassar
Modelling wetting and drying of historic buildings
Fabio Trincardi, Fabio Raicich
Sea level rise models and possible application to Cultural Heritage
Sylvie Colinart
The Seine floods and Parisian Museums storages
Giulia Caneva
Cultural landscapes and climate change
X. Ariño, E. Llop, A. Gomez-Bolea, C. Saiz-Jimenez
Effects of climatic change on microorganisms colonizing cultural heritage materials
Peter Brimblecombe, Cristina Sabbioni, May Cassar
Climate Myths