Airborne Particles and Gases, and their Impact on the Cultural Heritage and its Environment

a cura di: S. Hicks, U. Miller, S. Nilsson, I. Vuorela

PACT Belgium 1991

Proceeding of the European Workshop
Ravello, Dicembre 1989 e 1990
287 pp., ill.


I. Characterization and distribution of airborne particles

a) Biogenic Origin
⇒ Emission and Distribution of Mugwort Pollen (P.G. Von Wahl)
⇒ Large and Small Scale Distribution of Pollen in the Boreal Zone (S. Hicks)
⇒ Airborne Particles: an Approach to Calcium Oxalate Phytoliths (C. Hoyas, J. Juan and E. Villate)
⇒ Siliceous Particles: Man-made, Volcanic and of Biogenic Origin (U. Miller)
⇒ Desert Formation and Soil Damage in Central Tunisia During the Holocene (M. Hjelmroos and L.G. Franzén)

b) Anthropogenic Origin
⇒ Microscopic Charcoal Resulting from Human Activity: a Palaeoecological Factor (I. Vuorela)
⇒ The Characterization of Carbonaceous Particles Derived from Fossil-fuel Combustion (N. Rose, J. Watt, S. Juggins, M.A.R. Munro and R.W. Battarbee)
⇒ Characterisation of Particulate Matter Using Computer Controlled Scanning Electron Microscopy (J. Watt)
⇒ Characterisation and Distribution of Carbonaceous Particles in Lake Sediments (N. Rose)
⇒ Carbonaceous Fly ash Particles in the Natural Environment in Sweden (I. Renberg)
⇒ Retrospective Mapping of the Deposition of Carbonaceous Particles from Fossil-fuel Combustion (I. Renberg and M. Wik)
⇒ Characterization of Airborne Particles by Element Composition and Size Segregation (E. Selin, M. Djupström, M. Öblad, J. Isakson, P. Engström)
⇒ A Field Study of the Relationship between Deposition Rates and Particle Size (E. Selin, M. Djupström, J. Isakson, A. Minubi)
⇒ Monitoring Carbonaceous and Siliceous Airborne Particles in Urban and Rural Environments (S. Hicks)

II. Airborne particles and monuments

⇒ The Influence of Air-Pollution on Ancient Monuments, Buildings and Museum Objects (T. Klokkernes)
⇒ Problems of Airborne Particles: Their Effect on the Famous Frescoes of Masaccio, Masolino and Filippino Lippi in Florence (P. L. Parrini)
⇒ Interactions entre les microsphérules silicatées atmosphériques et les surfaces de monuments en calcaire et en bronze (P. Ausset, R. Lefevre, J. Philippon)
⇒The Saint Julien Cathedral, southern Portal - Le Mans, France - a Stone Weathering Study (C. Venet, R. Lefevre, P. Ausset, J. Philippon)
⇒ The Role of Photosynthetic Microorganisms on Ancient Monuments. A Survey of Methodological Approaches (P. Albertano)
⇒The Deterioration of Cultural Property by Airborne Pollutants: a Case Study of a Mediterranean Island (A. Bonanno, J. Cassar)
⇒ Environmental Pollution and Archaeological Objects : Effects and Research Perspectives (J. Peets)
⇒ Airborne Charcoal Particles as Cumponents of Urban Cultural Layers (I. Vuorela)

III. Gases and pollution
⇒ Air Pollution and Forest Decline (A. Laisk, O.L. Lange and U. Heber)
⇒ Damage to Plants Caused by Anthropogenic Ozone (H. Moldau)
⇒ Plants as Indicators of Climatic Pollution in Urban and Nonurban Areas (F. Manes, A. Altieri, P. Tripodo)
⇒ User Oriented Design Methodologies and the Possibilities of Establishing International Databases Dealing with the Effects of Pollution (E. Melis)
⇒ Pollen and Air Pollution (S. Nilsson)

IV. Airborne particles and man: allergies and the indoor air

⇒The Influence of Pollen on Different Aspects of our Cultural Heritage (S. Jäger)
⇒ The Occurrence of Allergen Carrying Airborne Particles in Relation to the Degree of Human Civilization (F. Th. M. Spieksma) 
⇒The Monitoring of Allergenic Pollen, Phytopathogenic Fungal Spores and Pollutant Atmospheric Particles (P. Mandrioli, A. Malossini and C. Sabbioni) 
⇒ Health Hazards and Biological Particles (S. Gravesen) 
⇒ Housing and Health (M. R. Ickovic)
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