edited by Luiz Oosterbeek & Fabio Pollice

Preface (Alfonso Andria)
Introduction (Fabio Pollice)
The GESTART Project (Luiz Oosterbeek, Silvia Marques)
Driving Local Development via Cultural Networking (Adalgiso Amendola, Anna Papaccio)
Performing Arts, community empowerment and social innovation: a model of training-intervention-research (Salvatore Colazzo,
Ada Manfreda)
Heritage Communities, Local Communities and Local Development processes: some reflections (Federica Epifani)
Performing Heritage beyond the conservation and enhancement (Fabio Borghese)
Heritage, creativity and local development: projects and new practices in Sicily (Girolamo Cusimano, Eliana Messineo)
Cultural heritage and awareness of local communities. The case of Valva in Campania (Giovanni Villani)
Cities and citizens: a relationship to improve (Raffaele Vitulli, Luigi Martulli)
The integral management of rock art and the local development: the case of the Rock Art Archaeological Park of Campo Lameiro-Pontevedra, NW Spain (Jose Manuel Rey García)
The archeology as a factor for the economic development: The archeological research project “Orígenes” in Fuentes de León’s caves Natural Park and its influence on the economy of Fuentes de León-Badajoz, Spain (Hipólito Collado Giraldo)
Mação: changing the gestures of the eyes to invent new landscapes (Luiz Oosterbeek)